Sun orientation

For a long time, a sunny landmark helped a person find the right side of the world, go out to the intended point of any locality, and not get lost in natural conditions without any navigation devices. Today, in the same way, orientation on the sun will help to correctly lay out the planned route and not go astray.

Finnish candle

Fans of outdoor activities, as well as hunters and fishermen, know how important it is to build a bonfire in order not only to warm up, but also to cook camp food on it. This is especially important in winter or in slush, when you constantly need to lay firewood and make sure that the fire does not go out.

The best grades of steel for knives: characteristics

The steel from which the knife is made determines its main characteristics - strength, wear resistance, anti-corrosion properties. Depending on the number of ingredients added to the carbon alloy with iron, as well as the degree of hardening and heat treatment, we get a certain grade of steel for hunting, kitchen, household knives.

Methods of water purification in natural conditions

For a long time being in the forest, you can not do without liquid and food that supports the body. Extreme conditions force a person to rush in search of not just drinking water, but any liquid, especially in the summer. And sometimes, during the prepared campaign, it suddenly turns out that the water reserves taken with you are too small.

BF-6 medical glue: features, contraindications and methods of use

It is not always possible to treat an open wound and prevent infection from entering it. Medical glue BF-6 copes well with this. With its help, pathogenic microflora can be prevented from entering the wound. The tool is easy to use and very effective, but has some adverse reactions Indications for use of medical glue BF6 Medical glue BF-6 is used in the following cases: for the treatment of wounds and cuts; with burns of varying degrees; to cover the tooth root in surgical dentistry.

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Hunting dogs - variety of breeds

When choosing a breed of dog for hunting, not only the type of fishing is taken into account, but also the psychological compatibility of the animal with the owner. The character, temperament, and habits of the owner must correspond to the behavior of the dog. Which dog to choose for hunting? Keeping a hunting dog and preparing it for work for residents of city apartments is problematic.

How to sew a tent with your own hands: standard, winter and children

Every outdoor enthusiast must have at least one solid tent. But what if there are no good options in stores or are they very expensive? In this case, you can find information on how to sew a tent with your own hands. Knowing all the nuances, you can make a really high-quality design that will not fail even in bad weather.

Electronic decoys for hunting: types, subtleties of choice and the best models

Electronic decoys for hunting first began to be used in the middle of the last century, they were hard-to-reach imported goods. Today, these devices are represented by hundreds of items from domestic and foreign brands, their key differences are the effectiveness and quality of performance. The essence and principle of operation of the device Manok is a compact hunting tool that can simulate the cries of animals and birds.

Types of bonfires: their purpose and method of breeding

Every person who had a chance to go hunting, fishing or an ordinary hiking trip had to deal with a bonfire. Of course, it is better to know the basics and rules of its breeding, because there are different types of bonfires depending on its purpose, as well as the method of laying logs and branches.

8 essential items for fishing

Traditional fishing is a popular leisure activity. But without special equipment, the process of fishing becomes difficult. Agree, being away from home without the right things is not a very pleasant prospect. When going outdoors, do not forget to put all the attributes associated with your favorite business in a backpack.

Hemostop: features of application and effectiveness

In the presence of sudden bleeding caused by trauma, it is important to stop the blood as soon as possible. For this, hemostatic preparations (hemostatics) are used, which, when in contact with the bleeding site, form a pseudo clot that blocks blood flow. Such drugs are very useful in providing first aid and at home, but have some features of use.

Finnish candle

Fans of outdoor activities, as well as hunters and fishermen, know how important it is to build a bonfire in order not only to warm up, but also to cook camp food on it. This is especially important in winter or in slush, when you constantly need to lay firewood and make sure that the fire does not go out.

Flies for the chub: buy or do it yourself?

The chub is one of the most cunning and strong representatives of the cyprinid family. His capture requires a special approach. Particular attention should be paid to the bait. Most often, chub flies are used to catch fish, which you can either buy or make yourself. Features of catching a chub When planning to catch a chub, it is worth considering the nature and characteristics of the behavior of this fish.

How to adjust the straps on the backpack for yourself - detailed instructions

Going on a camping trip, having packed his things, the tourist should set up the backpack so that it is conveniently located on the back, does not rub the body with separate parts of its structure, and does not unduly load the shoulders. Therefore, it is very important to know how to adjust the backpack for yourself. What elements of a backpack require adjustment Having picked up a backpack for the first time, not everyone will understand how, and most importantly, what needs to be adjusted so that the rest does not turn into torment.

What does a trap look like and where is it used for hunting?

The compact photo trap for hunting is actively used not only in the field: it is indispensable in many areas of life that require the installation of subtle remote control. The equipment is most in demand in order to provide convenient conditions for observation, tracking representatives of the animal world.

How to make a boomerang out of paper

An excellent means of hanging out in nature can be the launch of a boomerang. This item originally served as a means of obtaining food from the ancient tribes of the Indians, Egyptians, Indians. Today it’s just a means of entertainment, made of various materials - wood, metal, plastic. You can make a simple boomerang with your own hands using paper or cardboard.